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Infertility Overview

Infertility affects 15-20% of all couples who are trying to conceive. 
The causes are many and varied. Sometimes no cause is found and sometimes  multiple causes are found.

35-40% of Infertile couples have problems affecting the quality and quantity of sperms. Female factors contribute to 40% of the causes for infertility .In 10-15% of patients It is unexplained.

In normally fertile couples, there is a 25% probability of becoming pregnant  in each cycle. The cumulative pregnancy rate is 85% after 12months.        

An evaluation is warranted for couples who have not been able to conceive with in 1 Year of unprotected intercourse  (at least twice a week) if she is under 35yrs of age .In women more than 35 yrs  of age, Infertility evaluation should be started after 6month Of  marriage as the fertility potential decreases as age advances.

Infertility can be primary or secondary.

Primary infertility is where the woman has never been able to conceive even once in her life time.

Secondary infertility in one where a woman has been pregnant at least once and has not been able to conceive again or sustain a pregnancy since the initial pregnancy.  

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