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Treatment at Nirmala fertility Centre

Fertility at Nirmala Nursing Home (NNH)

Here professional counsellers will give an outline of the natural conception, causes of infertility and the treatment options with the aid of charts and videos. The couple with excessive stress or depression requiring additional help are identified and referred for detailed psychological counselling.

NNH offers the couple a friendly, dedicated service. On arrival, they will be greeted and guided by the Patient Co-ordinator who will explain the events to follow.Then they will be seen by a doctor who will take detailed history and guide to the Gynaecological and andrological examination. After examination by experienced NNH team they will be advised to undergo following basic tests:

For the wife:

Basic Blood tests: To check general health and screen infections
Hormonal tests: usually done on Day 2 or 3 of menses and involve FSH,LH,TSH and Prolactin.
Transvaginal Scan: to assess the health of internal organs like uterus and Ovaries.
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): Usually done within Day 10 of menses to evaluate the patency of the uterine tubes.

For the Husband:

Basic blood tests: To check general health and screen infections
Semen Analysis: Usually done after 3-5days of abstinence
In the next appointment, the results of the tests are reviewed and guidance regarding further course of action are given. Through all these steps, the couple are guided by counsellers.

Depending on the cause of infertility the following treatment methods are offered.

Ovulation Tracking (Timed Intercourse)

The couple who are young and reveal no major problems at initial screening are offered Ovulation tracking for few cycles. They are also given information regarding fertile period.

In this method, the development of an egg in the woman is noted and followed by ultrasound scanning and the couple are advised to have intercourse on the most fertile days[Day 12 – Day 18 ]of menstrual cycle in women with regular menstruation. In young couple this method improves the chances of conceiving naturally.

Ovulation Induction

The couple  visits the clinic on Day 2 or Day 3 of the menstrual cycle and gets their baseline hormone level to check their ovarian reserve. Ovulation tracking is done under trans vaginal ultrasound guidance after taking ovulation induction drugs from Day 2 of their cycle.

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

NNH  has a well standardized Andrology lab for preparing the sperms for IUI and a dedicated IUI suite.

Donor Insemination Programme

Men with severe sperm abnormalities not keen on ICSI or with no sperm production can opt for donor sperms. The couple will be counselled about the method and they do need to sign a consent form.


The couple who have tried other conservative fertility treatments and still not successful and those with major problems like Blocked tubes, Premature Ovarian failure, Severe sperm problems are advised to undergo IVF/ICSI.
NNH has a well equipped IVF lab with imported instruments and incubators. We have renowned consultants and  embryologists with more than 15 yrs of experience to help our patients

Success rates at Nirmala fertility centre

More than 800 ICSI procedures  in 5Yrs
No. of clinical pregnancies -530
Live birth – more 300 babies

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