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Patient Care and Support

Many individuals and couples undergoing fertility treatment find the experience both physically and emotionally challenging.  At different times, they may feel like there is nobody to talk to and understand what they are going through. Infertile couples normally get in unstable emotions while dealing with infertility. To have successful IVF procedure, patients should have a stable emotion. Hence, for every couple who decide to receive IVF treatment, we at NNH arrange for a counselling session with the doctor / counsellor. In this Counselling, several aspects of treatment suitable to one’s specific requirement is discussed and information is given about the IVF treatment flow and stages, the importance of emotional stability during the process, risks of multiple pregnancy, ovarian hyper stimulation - a rare but potentially serious complication, success rates and the cost of the treatment and the risks that might occur. IVF Counselling is an opportunity to get information and answer any question that patient may have.

Counselling sessions are available to all couples at all stages of treatment. Patients can discuss issues such as relationship difficulties, problems related with sex, personal issues, problems in adjusting to infertility or current life situations that may affect  the couple’s success of treatment

IVF Counselling is designed to help overcome difficulties encountered in the IVF treatment which is an intense, highly emotional and demanding procedure for anyone to undertake. In order to maximize the chances of success with IVF it is important that the individual is as relaxed, free from anxiety and full of confidence and in positive mental attitude as they can be. It can only put you in a better mental and emotional state to be successful or to accept the resultant disappointment from an unsuccessful attempt.

Our aim is to help patients overcome their fears, anxieties and concerns and find their own way of living their life in a more complete, relaxed, satisfying and resourceful manner.

We at NNH always advise to bring any papers or results of previous treatment for the consultant to look through. A suitable date to start the treatment will be arranged after the interview with the consultant. Each couple is seen by the coordinator, who discuss the details of the treatment.

Implication Counselling

The implication of treatment that any couple may be considering will be explored with them. The course of treatment may have implications not just for the couple, but also for their wider family and any children born as a result. This type of counseling  is aimed particularly at people thinking about using donated sperm, eggs or embryos. It may also include genetic counselling.

Support  Counselling

 The aim is to provide emotional support at times of particular stress–for example, when treatment fails to produce a pregnancy or the pregnancy ends in miscarriage. It is important to remember that most high-tech fertility treatment, such as IVF or ICSI has only 50% of success rate and does not assure for pregnancy. When it does not succeed then there is the potential for a lot of disappointment connected with these procedures. Support counselling might also be useful if the couple / client discover is pregnant with twins or triplets.

Good counselling helps people cope better. It usually brings greater clarity, a broader vision

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